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Tantrana Lounge

$999.95 Regular Price
$899.95Sale Price
  • You'll love the great wave design of the Tantrana Lounge! If you have any back or next problems or simply can't find a comfortable position for lovemaking then the Tantrana will be perfect for you! It is a carefully crafted piece of sex furniture with unique curves and angles for maximum support and allows you to perform sexual positions in a comfortable manner that are not possible on a regular bed or couch. It allows your bodies to obtain optimum angles for perfect penetration. Explore endless sex positions!

    The Tantrana is covered in the best Endura grade furniture foam guaranteed for 10 years. The sex lounge is then covered with a double stitched, commercial grade leatherette hide.

    The Tantrana will help you reach nirvana even if your back and neck don't bother you!

    Re-ignite the spark in your relationship and experience heightened pleasure through sexual experimentation today!

    Use it on the floor or on top of the bed
    Water Resistance
    Length: 66" (168 cm)
    Width: 17" (44 cm)
    Height: 26" (66 cm)