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Lingerie Boutique

   We offer Lingerie in our Santa Cruz Lingerie Boutique

  Plus Size Lingerie  ~ Petite Lingerie ~ Bridal Lingerie ~ Bridal Registry


Choosing the perfect lingerie, reminds me of choosing the perfect pair of jeans.  ALOT of trial and error and alot of work, leaving most gals frustrated and  feeling not great about themselves. Thats why I opened our Santa Cruz Lingerie Store and do not sell  lingerie online.  Visit Romantic Nights For Two and we will be your lingerie stylist. We will select the perfect lingerie for YOUR body type, and make you the sexy beauty you are. Warning: our customers tend to look Hot in everything we choose, so bring your credit card!                         P.S. Here are some pics of some of the lingerie we carry                  See you soon Adrienne

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