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If you’ve never experienced the “G-gasm” you must try this gel.  G-gasm, our Exclusive G-Spot Arousal gel, will awaken your secret orgasmic trigger, the G-spot. When applied directly onto the g-spot area, G-gasm will temporarily enlarge the G-spot (making it easier to find), and stimulates it for more intense pleasure. 2 oz.

Easy to Use: Apply a dime sized amount of the gel to your finger tip, massage the gel into the g-spot.

Special ingredients include Menthol and L-Arginine (amino Acid).
The active ingredient Menthol:Instantly creates a tingling sensation
L-Arginine (amino Acid): Dramatically enhances circulation and sensitivity
which leads to increased feminine physical pleasure and g-spot excitement.

~sugar free
~color free
~works instantly
~Oral Friendly
~Food Grade Ingredients
~Condom Compatible

G-gasm Arousal Gel

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