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Kissable Arousal Cream For Her

"Light My Fire!" for her, Instant clitoral stimulator.
A top seller and a guaranteed purchase by everyone that tries it.

Light that Fire:Just apply a small amount (size of a dime or less) to your clitoral area. Relax and enjoy it as it instantly gets Hot, Cool, Tingly and feels so good! Gals have told us it last as long as 45 minutes. How long will you make it last?

Not only will it get you aroused, but it's Edible and will refresh anyones breath that taste it. Excellent for oral love. BON APPETITE.
1 oz. mint flavored

Arousal Stimulator for Her
Warming/cooling and Tingling sensation
Condom Compatible

Light my Fire uses:
~ clitoral stimulator
~oral love enhancer for her, allows you to feel confident and fresh
~body cream~ apply to your body for kissable play.

Light my Fire

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