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Experience one of the oldest forms of female stimulation. Dating back over 100 years, the Kegel Ball was created to enhance the sexual experience by exercising & toning the vaginal muscles. Use the balls alone to increase muscle strength , or with the soft silicone sleeve to take your orgasm to the next level. Perfect alone, or for couples. It comes with  3 Kegel Balls, a silicone sleeve with soft retrieval cord.

*Use the balls alone for at least 15 minutes to strengthen the vaginal muscle, or during intercourse to stimulate him and increase natural vaginal lubrication.

3 removeable Kegel balls

Silicone sleevel w/ retrieval cord
Made from  Silicone
Balls: 1 in • Sleeve: 4 in x 1.25

 carrying bag

Love Balls Deluxe Set

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