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Romantic Nights For Two, introduces "Not Tonight Honey", because some nights were just not in the mood!
Give him the next best thing, other then you, our "Not Tonight Honey" Love Sleeve. Great for Solo Play or as a couples toy to use on him together. With a ribbed and nubbed interior and a natural shaped entry, it will feel like you were in the mood! Don't feel like giving a blow job? It simulates giving a really great blow job, and it likes to swallow too!!Use with our Ready Set Blow or any of our Lubricant for the complete experience.
Super soft
TPR. 6" length, 2" diameter.

Try this:
 With the right hand hold the toy about 3 inches from opening (there is a gandle to make it easier for you) while your man penetrates it. You will notice if you squeeze your right hand as hes penetrating out, it will suction him and its cool to watch his excitement, see if you can make it REALLY tight, it makes it fun for you too. We love this fun, plus the toy loves to swallow, in case you don't.

Not tonight Honey

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