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The perfect kit for your Romantic Weekend, let the romance begin.

Romantic Nights For Two Kit includes our petite bottles:

Sensuous Pheremone Silk Rose Petals-
Seductive, Enticing, Alluring our "Sensuous" Silk Rose Petals with Pheromones will awaken the senses, heighten arousal and unleash Passion.

Pheromones are nature's sex signals. While your lover may not consciously notice this fragrance, they cannot help but to be affected by it.

Romantic Nights Feather
Gently arouse your partners passions by teasing their erotic zones.

Chocolate Dipped
Aphrodisiac Chocolate Bubble Bath
Melt into the ultimate luxury of our chocolate dipped bubble bath. Infused with the rich scent of chocolate, it will soften and renew the skin while heightening sexual interest and desire

Erotic Aphrodisiac Infused Massage Oil & Body Spray. Almond

"Temptation" our Sheer and silky, alluring almond massage oil, the perfect temptation for your bedroom seduction. Will stimulate your senses and make your skin shimmery soft and bed ready.

Strawberry Seduction
Edible Warming Oil
You will lust, desire and seduce your lover into a night you both will not forget, with our strawberry seduction edible warming oil. Blow and rub to activate its warming seduction. Kiss and lick until its all gone.

Red Hot Love
Edible Warming Intimate Lubricant

Our exclusive Cinnamon Flavored Warming Lubricant will "Turn Up the Heat" and create memories you will never forget! Intimate touch, and passionate blows, ignite the passion & desire within! Non staining, not sticky, water-based luxury lubricant, that is edible and Toy safe. Also can be used as a sexy massage oil.

All uniquely packaged in a giftbox by us.

*All packages are individually wrapped by one of our bedroom dessert reps.

Romantic Weekend For Two

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