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Pheremone Body Mist

Seductive, Enticing, Alluring our "Sensuous" Body Oil Mist with Pheromones will awaken the senses, heighten arousal and unleash Passion.

Pheromones are nature's sex signals. While your lover may not consciously notice this fragrance, they cannot help but to be affected by it. Spray all over your body, it will moisturize your skin, and make your skin shimmer. Works incredible on tattoos, and gives them that new again look.

Spray desired amount onto body and rub in.

Sensuous uses:
~ Pheremones!
~ Daily Skin moisturizer will highlight your natural beauty.
~ As a body perfume that will draw them in.
~ EXCELLENT on tattoos will make them look new again.
~ Hot Sensuous Oil Bath~Spray directly into filled up bath water.


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