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"Strawberry Shortcake" Luxury Edible Lubricant, will bring your love making to new heights. With its strawberry shortcake smell & taste, you will experience a lubricant like no other. Switching from Making Love to Oral Love, never tasted so good. 4.2 oz.

Apply desired amount to desired area for Strawberry Shortcake Experience.

~Water-based luxury lubricant
~Food Grade Ingredients
~sugar free
~color free
~fat free
~Non staining
~Not sticky
~condom compatible
~Toy safe.

Can also can be used as a sexy massage oil. Just drizzle on body, massage until dry and kiss and lick to reactivate it.


Strawberry Shortcake Lubricant

  • We created this one for you ladies! Perfect to make the job, not a job at all! The top is perfect because it allows you to drizzle desired amount into your mouth and don't forget to hit that cheek. He will enjoy watching you drizzle from up above!! wink...wink...
    "Strawberry Shortcake" With its strong strawberry smell (helps with intimate smell) & light strawberry shortcake taste, will create a wonderful smell but not an over bearing taste. Enjoy, and watch him enjoy it too! . 4.2 oz.
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