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Erotic Aphrodisiac Infused Massage Oil & Body Spray. Almond

"Temptation" our Sheer and silky, alluring almond massage oil, the perfect temptation for your bedroom seduction. Will stimulate your senses and make your skin shimmery soft and bed ready.

Made With Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E
Essential Oils
No preservatives
No artificial colors or mineral oil

Temptation ways to use:
~ Almond Aphrodisiac Massage Oil for sensual massages.
~ Aphrodisiac Daily moisturizing body spray
~ Spray into a hot bath water and let the sensual aphrodisiac infusion draw you in.

Spray desired amount to body as needed for sensual massage.

Temptation Aphrodisiac Massage Oil & Body


  • Essential oils used in aromatherapy are derived from a wide variety of plants and herbs. They, along with oils of perfume may be used to relieve physiological and psychological stress.

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