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Romantic Nights For Two Ice vibrating massager. 

Vibrating Ice Massager

  • Vibrating Ice Massager

    Ever felt so damn hot you needed to cool down? Then you’ll love this; the world’s first vibrating ice massager. Seduce your partner with this diamond of ice and have them melt into lust. Tease, caress and enjoy!

    Vibrating Ice Massager is an innovative new concept. Its refreshing effect will turn your world upside down, but won’t cool down your love life. It adds chills and tingles just where you want them.
    The user-friendly grip, made of the best medical-grade silicone, makes it easy to use in every position – wherever you are. Because the vibrating bullet is replaceable, it’ll bring passion for years to come.

    Enjoy the Ice Massager both ways; One, its thrilling, icy touch and two, the unique silicone sensation you’ve never experienced before.

    How to use:

    Take the ice holder and completely fill it with water.
    Make sure the bullet vibrator is removed from the grip.
    Gently place the grip on top of the water until it seals the ice holder.
    Place the Ice Massager in a freezer.
    Wait for the water to freeze. This can take up to 4 hours, depending on your freezer.
    Take the Ice Massager out of the freezer. Place the vibrating bullet in the ice grip. Carefully remove the ice holder from the ice by pulling the tab gently… and enjoy!
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